samphire-in-handWhat are the regional food specialities of Norfolk? Would it be possible to stage a dinner party on a Norfolk theme? Well the answer to the last question is a big yes! Here are some ideas on the types of food to look out for and where to find them.

Norfolk with its long coastline produces fresh fish such as the famous Cromer crabs, shrimp and lobster from Sheringham, and mussels from Stiffkey. Choose samphire, the poor man’s asparagus, as a garnish to accompany your fish. You can pick this seaweed from the muddy banks of estuaries. It is tasty when used as a salad or vegetable accompaniment if soaked for a few hours beforehand to remove the salt.

Delicious locally reared meat is available from the farm shops scattered along the Norfolk coast. You could also sample local Norfolk poultry including duck, turkey and goose. Norfolk even has its own variety of turkey - the Norfolk Black - which has a stronger taste than the commercial white variety.

Many small breweries produce their own real ale in the county, the largest of which is Woodforde’s. For a full list, see Qaffale: Norfolk.

Where to find fresh local produce for your Norfolk-themed dinner party? You cannot go very far in Norfolk without encountering a farm shop selling fresh locally-grown fare. For a selection of farm shops along the Norfolk coast, see Norfolk Farm Shops.